Monday, April 21, 2008

Waterboard your Friends for Fun and Profit!

this past two weeks have been busy-busy! first my buddy Brian and I plant a garden.. of course we did it all manly and junk with beers, cigars, and punk rawk music! then someone steals my flower pot... so i contemplate on the meaning of life and find meaning it impermeance... then i go to a Washington Capitals game with my buddy Jim and watch them lose to the Flyers... ugh.

so then i return and take Sonny out for a walk and LOW AND BEHOLD!!!! THE FLOWER POT HAS RETURNED! Well this prompts me to spiral into a existential crisis. what does this mean? i prayed and found meaning in the loss and now it's back! does this mean i start preaching a Joel Osteen "pray and get rich" style prosperity gospel? now my suspicions are up and i figure it's an inside job... so i decide to politely question 5 of my closest friends using a technique that the president says isn't torture. You can really have fun with waterboarding!

the problem with this is that all 5 friends confessed to taking the flower pot. it's a small pot, so that doesn't make any sense... and those friends have ceased returning my phone calls...umm... wonder why.

maybe i have a quantum flower pot that blinks in and out of existence. sweet! the moral of all this silliness is that never live close to a friend whose wife likes to "borrow" things when she's a little tipsy. ;-)

i've completed my new testament paper on John 14 (the way, truth and life passage) and found some cool conclusions. I'm finishing my Jewish Scriptures paper on Jonah and will report back on that.. should be fun! Yesterday, Kate, Jim and his theive'n wife (;-)) and I went and saw Barack Obama make a stop at the Lancaster train station on his whistle stop tour. I really hope he gets the nomination. I like his policies and his positive and inspiring speeches. we need change from the same ol' same ol' and i believe he's the candidate to do it.

The LTS Silent Auction is going on this week as well! If you're in the area, please head to the second floor of Mayer Commons and check it out! Thanks to Brian for helping me set it up! RAWK!

This weekend Kate and I are gonna see my family at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to see the Rolex 3 Day Eventing. I LOVE eventing. Same horse has to compete in Dressage (control and precision), Cross Country (endurance and courage) and High Jump (athleticism). It's really quite something to watch. I'm really excited for it.

What are you all up to? What other lessons can i get from the flower pot? how about these flower pots? hope all is well with you dear reader! Blessings!


Anonymous said...

First off, no matter what the president says - that is torture on some level - namely if it is intentional. I have had a 'face wash' before and it's very similar.

The flower pot has a french symbol of some sort on it - which makes for some style - then again it's a flower pot (who cares - lol). The prank was kinda cool though.

Can't wait to hear the piece on John 14:6 and the conclusions you have drawn - I always like reading new stuff from that passage. I am basically sick of the orthodox views on this passage and I have offered new views also concerning this passage a trillion times over on sites who claim it is 'literal' can't wait for that.

Luke said...

i'm appalled! you don't think our infalliable president is right?! you pinko commie! you're no patriot for thinking on your own ;-)

and that fluer-de-li pot holds a special place in my heart! i spent a lot of time knocking that thing out. check out the "life lessons in a flower pot" to get the whole story. i made it, painted it, did the design, the UPS guy breaks it, i glue it back together, then it's stolen! ack! good lesson learned... only to find out it was a prank ;-)

i'll put john up there.. i'm really sick of the orthodox view as well.. just read Gail O'Day and what she has to say in her commentary on john in the Women's Bible Commentary or the New Interpreters Bible Commentary. or check out this article.. it spells some cool stuff out:'Day.pdf


Brad said...

"i'll put john up there.. i'm really sick of the orthodox view as well.."

Hehe... yeah.... i bet you can't guess where I stand... ;-)