Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Lessons in a Flower Pot

thanks to all the pollsters who want to hear more personal experience... great suggestion! i'll have to start covering that more in my blog posts. now i shall begin my third post for this week, sorry if i'm overwhelming y'all out there...

i operate on the assumptions that there is no such thing as secular and there is no such thing as coincidence. i'm really into synchronisity. being attuned to the ever transmitting divine help you see the world as illuminated.

here's personal experience that highlights this: Last night someone stole a clay flower pot that i had decorated. i painted it and dremelled out a design in the clay and WOW was it awesome. i spent a lot of time on it and now it's gone. well such is life as well. you spend a lot of time in life only to have it be gone all too soon. i miss that pot. i storm off and pray and then start to feel strangely humbled that someone else saw the beauty in it! i'm sad that the person couldn't ask me to make them one but will be happy to offer that if i ever find out who took it.

a traditional route would be to declare that person a sinner and a thief and actively hunt them down for retributive violence.. directly ignoring the life and teachings of Jesus. this is mimetic theory in action, the retributive violence that only perpetuates and reciprocates, never solving anything.

now as i walk around i am looking for this pot. i'm noticing a lot of cool stuff too! the trees in bloom, the layout of garden'n, and other ppl's pots (OPP?). I'm out noticing God's good work, how people beautify their environment, and i'm considering the lilies. i also recognize that i had a pot to plant it in the first place (Just read Jessica's post about those who don't even have that!)

hope this rant is of some light and some coherence on how i see the world. i hope this helps you, dear reader, to recognize that the water in which we swim is divine.

;-) keep rawk'n out!


Anonymous said...

OPP! Pot to plant in! HAHAHA! Spirituality and humor! Good to see that they mix, one doesn't see that often.

Great how you notice how a minor annoyance can be used to contemplate the divine. Amazing.

Cody said...

It's interesting how spring creeps up. I was walking to the seminary yesterday, and it was like God suddenly opened my eyes to see the new flowers, and I wasn't thinking and worrying about all the papers that I have to write any more. It's springtime, Jesus is risen, and the kingdom of God is so close we can touch it!

Luke said...

gotta keep your eyes on God, God's tricky and subtle like that. the Kingdom of God is totally gonna have kick ass flowers. i love spring!