Monday, September 17, 2007

Does your job exist?

There will be two posts this week! one now and one on thursday!

there are many things that freak me out about becoming a minister. the first being the fear that ppl will think that i think that i'm holier than they are/thous arts. i assure you dear reader, kate, ma, megan, burrito, nick, and karen and all my other buddies will make sure that i stay humble. (just see the myspace photos and tagged facebook pix for proof).

i see my role not as a leader but as a guide. i just think i 'feel God' more than the average joe. that doesn't make me better.. a little more intuitive.. or crazy. but not better.

the second thing that freaks me out is the fact that ppl debate whether my future job exists. no one ever debated the existence of Armstrong tiles, Georgia Pacific paper-less drywall, and DeWalt tools. No one debates the existence of law, just its application. no one debates val's job as an admin. buying assistant at rod's western palace. but everyone debates the core of my job.

Is there a God?

for me, the answer is yes. if it's different from your answer, that's cool. if your answer is yes, it's Allah/Yaweh/Jesus that's cool too. whatever it takes to guide your life. i think everyone needs something to look towards when they come into conflict. what do you look towards when you get in a pickle and need help?

In a shout out to my Danish friend Rasmus, i've been reading the famous Danish philosopherSoren Kierkegaard. He explains that doubt is an essential element of faith, an underpinning. In plain words, to believe or have faith that God exists, without ever having doubted God's existence or goodness, would not be a faith worth having. For example, it takes no faith to believe that a pencil or a table exists, when one is looking at it and touching it. In the same way, to believe or have faith in God is to know that one has no perceptual or any other access to God, and yet still has faith in God

i really boils down to community. the world runs on the advice of friends and family. the role of religion as i see it now, is to give people a community in which to find solutions to their life-problems. this is what i see as the churchs role in service to humanity.

Rule of Three:
1-Book: Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin, this series is a must read for any fantasy fan!!

1.5-Skool book: Material Christianity and What to Expect in Seminary.
i really like the MC book as i always felt i didn't need 'things' (statues, rosaries, fish symbols on my bumper, etc) to remind me of Gods presence as i've felt it most of the time. Despite my feelings about it's not tough to be devout and kitschy at the same time, but it works for most people to help their personal relationship with God.

2-Music: The Dixie Chicks- taking the long way. i bought this for kate but i absolutely love it! this album proves that they're truly superstars, renegades, innovators, heroes, villians to stupid ppl and moms

3-Movie: Open Season. Genius! really funny! good buddy film about how your friends will get you in trouble but that will also help you grow up.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. Also good to point out we all are where we are. Gotta be tolerant. It seems my church of choice(cause it is the first, one and only!!!) is severely lacking in the making a community to help people thru their struggles. (Unless you have lots of money and belong to certain clubs) However, New Point seems to do just that very thing. They are big and they may be just a bit fundamental but they are upfront(way upfront) about it and they have very many help groups in very many areas. They are accessible. No matter what. No matter how. People need people to be there for them.
You are right. Lets hope we see more of that.