Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So this is the New Year

and i don't feel any different...

i know this video doesn't show up on my facebook feed, so just check the blog. i love this band! kate still thinks that they are too affected. or is it effected? i never got that right in Journalism 103.

it's no secret that i don't really like new years... the holiday of the nano-second is not a friend of mine mainly due to the fact that it feels like a holiday of forced fun. however this new years was really fun! and 2007 seems like a year of great changes for the better.

Mom and Val came out with Chance in tow. It was great to see my prissy old dog shy away and stress out about Sonny, the excited loving new dog. We had a great visit and some highlights include visiting the postal museum, the national aquarium, and eating at Pelican Petes (best seafood in germantown!). Mom and I played some Madden 07 and she was pretty good at it!

So all is well and i'll update you, imaginary reader, about the possible changes that 2007 holds.

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