Wednesday, January 10, 2007

King of the Dorkdom

some people are very surprised that i was a dork in high school. i'm baffled by this. there is no WAS.... i WAS a dork in high school and still am! don't let the sexy fool ya, imaginary reader, i've got full blown dork in recent weeks.

My best bud Megan told me about this XBOX game called FABLE and how it was the smaw'someness game ever. So i bought it on impluse the other day at best buy and it has already endangered my marriage. yes, it's that good!

FABLE follows the story of a kid whose family is killed by bandits and is taken to a hero training center. he grows up and then starts to make choices and every choice you make turns you more good or evil. people react to you character based on how good/evil it is i.e. running away from the evil dude or having a crush on the good dude. it's very intense and ton of fun... at least for me. Kate is beginning to hate the game (although she'd love it if she ever played it.)

the game play is a mix of Diablo meets Grand Theft Auto and the character is like Link from the Legend of Zelda (THE greatest all-time games in the Lindon household) using the sword and bow. You can use more magic, but i'm still try'n to figure those out. my only gripe is that sometimes the text doesn't show up all the time, so that makes making decisions a little harder.

now and update on the day-to-day activities!

the last couple days at work have been killer. just felt like they've dragged on and that's the least of my worries! yesterday the copier attacked me! here's fotage of the attack when i was wearing my fav. black dress.

my truck is also in the shop, so i get to drive around a rental car! pretty cool right?! nooooo. here's what they gave me:

it's the size of a matchbox. it's like drive'n a roller skate. although it is funny to see a 6'4" dude climb out of a 4' long car. i feel like i'm in high school again drive'n around THE MUTT!

but it's all good. my birthday just passed and i'm 25 which means i can rent that car for cheap and my insurance is coming down! Kate also got me tickets to see the Wizards v.s. The Lakers, Heat, and Celtics! How awesome is that?! Also we went out to Hard Times and had a few beers with our fav. Jaycee friends Jason and Lindsey. Good times!

Til next time! peace!

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