Monday, December 18, 2006

This Season, Give the Gift of Love

Please don't tell anyone, but i've found the perfect gift to give a loved one this holiday season! i think everyone on my list (excluding family members... except for maybe Garry... that saucey minx) needs to get this gift i saw on SNL this past weekend:

seriously... it was the funniest SNL for a long while. plus it helped that justin timberlake (the future mr. lindon) was the host/musical guest. say what you want, but i really like his stuff and style. he's my man-crush. and that's okay... .or that's what i keep tell'n myself.

so what else is going on with me besides my man-love JT fantasies? i'm glad you asked! we've got most of the holiday junk done and out the door. kate and i made some of our holiday treats this past weekend... so i guess the domestic weekend has got me all martha stewart today. we also have some weighty issues to think on as to some career moves. i would post more on that but i'll save it until things become more concrete... those of you who know me, i don't like too much speculation on action... philosophy yes, logistics no. you either are going to do something or you aren't. if you're still in the maybe stage, then talk about it, don't post it up on your blog. ACTION PEOPLE! what we're looking for is results! and as a result, i shall remove myself from my digital soapbox for yet another day until i feel like waste'n more time at work!

happy chanukah, y'all!

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Nick said...

hilarious...and nothing more...