Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Videos! While you Wait!

So here are my new loves all in one post! YouTube, Death Cab for Cutie, and Robot Chicken!

Kate and I went to Death Cab for Cutie at constitution hall in november... and they solidified their place as my favorite band. they also solidified their place as kate's vote for the EMO-est band. but that's okay, i love songs that tell a story and that's what they do. here's a clip from my fav. title they played "Title and Registration"

This is just too much. Robot Chicken is off the chain!

I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes but this clip proves that if this happened in real life, it wouldn't be so cute.

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sarahspundasarahspundasarahspundaretsetset said...

Mars is amazing...
That's hillarious.
So... he's NOT a real tiger, then?