Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We have the facts and we're voting yes

Hey there Imaginary Reader!!

So I was reading on wikipedia about Nazi and their facination with the occult... and then on EITMonline.com there was a mention about how walmart is selling a t-shirt with a nazi design on it. Bent Corner, a blogger from Hagerstown MD (about 45 minutes from the house) found it in the Hagerstown walmart, so be on the look out for this image on any tshirts at your local fachist world. ahh the irony is killing me here:

It's amazing how the average joe can cause such a shake up in the world just by posting a blog.

Speaking of shaking things up, here's a great idea; FANTASY CONGRESS! Yeah, that's right, a fantasy game based on congress. Score points as your fav. senator pushes pork through the system. now i loooove fantasy football.. i started it not because i knew anything about the NFL, but because this tool would force me to learn. what an awesome tool to use to monitor the government, everyone needs to be on this! i'm gonna start tonight after work.

And this freaked me out, i couldn't trick it! crazy! even when i cheated it still got me.

anyways, i'll update you all again real soon. but until then, this will have to do!

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