Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Obscars

The Obscars is my new invention. In the spirit of the VMA's which have been plugged to death by MTV endlessly running stupid ads for it, i've created the Obscene Awards. Pretty self explanatory.

Winner for Best Picture
I originally heard this on Elliot in the Morning on DC101. They had on Bob Saget (of Full House fame) and he was talking about his favorite movie, "The Aristocrats". Here's the New York Magazine Review that IS safe for work.

Here's the South Park version of it... BUT BEWARE! NOT SAFE FOR WORK (and pretty much everywhere else). This is VILE and OBSCENE and that's why it wins the Obscar for B.P.

Other Awards:
Dumbest Website with the Incorrect Definition
The Tourettes Guy. He also got an Obscar for Best Use of Language. Mainly he won because fewer than 15% of all people who suffer from Tourettes yell things. Tourettes is more similar to Obsessive Complusive Disorder than it is to a fat guy yelling Bob Saget's name. for the complete definition and FAQ check out the TS-USA.ORG site.

Pissiest Person on the Net
THE GEEK. he don't like the Xanga and he's gonna TELL ya!

Most Obscene Event
Re-election of G.W. Bush

Most Obscene Fact
Death toll of the Iraq War

Most Obscenely Funny Religious Site
Landover Baptist

So there is the first annual OBSCARS! hope you all agree that these are pretty obscene. please leave some comments and let me know what you think!


XAG said...

So you think I am the pissiest person on the net!!! Just are getting a bashing in the next podcast. Your DCW character are all going to die in some strange way, or turn republican mwhaaaaa!!!!!!

SIS said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww that was strangely really gross. hahah garry = pissy. hahahahah funny stuff there though. ok i commented! your turn!