Thursday, August 25, 2005

Europe Continues to Kick Our Ass

So now's a little time for an update! on my life! hooray! it's not really as exciting as it sounds! (i just like exclamation points!)

Work is good but if this tool commercial from Home Depot Europe ever shows in the states, i'll be out of a job. I have sales training this Sunday-Tuesday in Pittsburgh then i go in for one day of work and then it's vacation with Kate, Megan and Lauren at Tybee Island by Savannah, GA. Can't wait! I'm not saying i'm cashing it in at work, but i'm just ready for a break. dammit.

Past weekend was well spent with the in-laws and max, will and sarah running around. lots of kate's family, it was fun! we went to splashdown waterpark which is awesome!!!!!! but still no clay's park.

Tuesday we went to a Nationals vs. Reds game with Katie and Brian. Reds won but with no help from Ken Griffey Jr. who got out at every at bat (retire, dude). This Friday Kate and I are off to see 311 play at Nissan Pavilion. Can't wait for the contact buzz!

Also new to the blogging world is Kate's H.S. friend John David. He's come up with Five Word Tales, which i think is brilliant. Check it out and write a story (THIS... I COMMAND!)

Rule of Three:

Music: Carpark North. A Danish band (proof that Europe is BETTER) that combines alt. rock and 80s new wave into something totally kick ass. Our Danish Buddies Rasmus and Anders got me into them back at OU but this album is leaps and bounds ahead of the other.

Book: Dark Tower #7... FINALLY!

Movies: The Grudge... SCARY. Best thing about Japanese films is that humans don't always win. Americans expect to do the ass kicking, but ooooh no sweetheart, not in this life time, gotta take the losses with the wins.

Speaking of losses, many many people, well... maybe just 11, can expect to have a lot of losses as the Yahoo! draft is complete and the G'town Raptors are gonna run wild.

And OU ranks #2 on the top party skools in the nation! I'll drink to that!!!!

Last note: PLEASE COMMENT! everyone who reads this blog. not hard. just do it so i can see who my audience is... prolly very small... but oh well! thanks for reading!


Amber said...

so i was talking to a friend tonight and she was looking at the pic of you, val, and key and she kept saying how you and him look so much alike and which i thought i'd tell you that you are very nice looking hehe cause i definitely think key is ;) kate & i are lucky girls ;)

Kate said...

hey commissioner... i admit to reading your blog! :-)

Anvilhands said...

Good to see your looking forward to vacation. God knows I need another break and soon. Ahhhh Europe isn't all that much greater.
Though I would likde to visit sometime. I wouldn't give up on america just yet because my families here and well that's about all. I have to admit though I love Canton given all the little quirks. Call me sometime let's have a converstation.
Love ya,

kimmmmm said...

Here and reading!

SIS said...

Heeey broder! You sure do update alot. good stuff! love you! I can't believe you saw freakin 311...i have hearted them since they were wee babes

michelle said...

this is Amber and Keys friend Michelle... to reply to your comment on my blog Kate no it wasnt your father in law. lol. thankfully. lol. oh and by the way...Hi!