Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Caffeine, Step Aside...

there's a new addiction in my life and it's known as thefacebook.com. it's pretty awesome to do. just login and you can search for all your friends and drinking buddies from college! and even better yet, you can look at THEIR friends, drinking buddies, and what's-his-face who sat two over in philosophy 203.

takes me back to OU... which i think was like, less than 2 years ago, but everyone who's a frosh this year was in 8th grade when i was a frosh at OU. HOLY MOSES! i'm old. i miss OU. well that's a lie, i don't miss the classes. but i miss see'n all the dudes and give'n them high-fives and all the ladies in the short-shorts.

so in memory of college, i'll go slam my head into a wall to get that nice hangover feeling. ya can't do it in the real world, beer is like mucho $$! they get you hooked young and then look out!

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SIS said...

I'm hooked on facebook too!! too many groups and people that i kinda almost know! :) glad to see you're hooked too!