Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Take Me Out :washingtonpost.com

This past weekend we went to Take Me Out (reviewed by washingtonpost.com):


Here's one of the many, many wonderful parts of the play:

"'I have come (with no little excitement) to understand that baseball is a perfect metaphor for hope in a democratic society,' says Mason at one point. Everyone is given an equal chance at success on the diamond, and -- unlike football, basketball and other sports that employ a clock -- an unlimited amount of time to achieve it. But the outcome is never, ever certain, the game itself possessing none of the naivete of either its players or its fans.

Or as Mason puts it, 'Baseball is better than democracy -- or at least than democracy as it's practiced in this country -- because, unlike democracy, baseball acknowledges loss....

'Democracy is lovely, but baseball's more mature.'"

too true, too true.

any thoughts on this? i think it's crap when liberals and conservatives or dems and repubs, donkeys and elephants, and such like battle and one gets their rumps... uhh... pumped(?) and then says "as you can see, the victory here today really shows that..." no other "sport" aside from politics does that. if a coach who's team got TROUNCED came off the field/court/mat/ring/stripper pole and said something like that.. the other team would kill him... the next beating would be even worse... dear Mr. Political Cream-Cheese: ACKNOWLEDGE that you have LOST. it makes you more in touch with reality as normal people see it.

like John Kerry KILLED Bush in the debates. I mean DAMN! Kerry even went back and tried to screw it up two more times, and STILL destroyed Mr. Angry-W.-Eyes. and bush is all like "as you see, i'm going to be re-elected cause i won these debates." No, you (you being understood as Bush) won re-election cause 1. you have ppl too scared to think for themselves and 2. people felt sorry for how Kerry minced, diced, sprinkled with mint and served your own ass to you. and your advisor sucks and i hope that evil, evil mudracker gets CANNED and leads to your impeachment.

that's all... class dismissed.


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PS. I agree! The play rocked!