Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is It Vacation Yet?!

look! i proved to myself that i can actually type a sentence with upper-case letters in it. i've been abstaining due to a little fight me and Mr. Creationist-Upper-Case-Letters had about my main man Darwin.... so it's good to be back on speaking terms.

i have discovered a noble truth since my last post. the key to success is all about one's comfort zone. DON'T HAVE A COMFORT ZONE! in my case it seems that the more out of my comfort zone i am, the more luck i seem to have. if you keep to the "tried and true" you're going to get bored... and worse than that is if something changes, you'll be all out of whack. so screw the notion of comfort. do you think Rosa Parks was comfortable in her seat up in the front of that bus? i bet you a ba-zillion $$ she wasn't and that's made all the difference. or Mary having a kid out of wedlock and traveling on the back of a donkey... please.

so that's my life-lesson i've picked up on. talk amongst yourselves.

And now for my other rule, the rule of three:

1. Book:

2. Music:

3. This Movie Rocks!

Penguins are bizzare, but the title looks really cool in French.


Anvilhands said...

Yeah, comfort zones are definitely a lot of the reason that things are the way they are and why they seldom change. Thought about that frequently. Hope things are swell in Lucasland.


amber said...

i try to read and pay attention to ppls xanga and then they have to go and say something is the "the key" to something and then my mind is off wandering lol
:)oh yeah back to luke...hi...hope all is great :)
i think this weekend key is going to write a letter to you and i'm gonna type it and email it. if we both remember hehe