Friday, July 15, 2005

I'll take my one stab now please

Everyone and their mama (even my ma) has made fun of Michael Jackson, except me. So I'll use this slightly amusing dc101 flash movie to do it.

I mean if everyone jumped off a bridge, I'd have to. Everyone's doing it.... you're not cool if you don't... i just wanna be liked, is that so wrong? you haven't lived unless you try it.

which leads me to my next segment: if you have any "D.A.R.E." phrases that the druggies were supposed (but they never did with me, am i an outcast?) to use to get you to "be a user, and users are losers", then please post them in the comments section located here > no... wait... < not there ^ dammit! where's the down arrow?! there's the other three directions but NO DOWN?! what the hell is wrong with technology?!


Kate said...

There is a down key - v! "Just try it, chicken!"

Amber Sauceypants ;) said...

look! ^ kate said key! hehe just imagine me doing that all the time and thats pretty much how it you know how often i hear that word!? lol
well should be coming soon...i'll probably email some tomorrow...which include some of key & his truck.
he got your letter btw...and i'll make sure he writes back. ;)
ttyl :)