Monday, June 13, 2005


I look online every week to see if there are any people i know in the Times-Reporter local life section.


Chad McConnell and I used to run around during our sophomore and junior years. AND he runs his own landscaping business! COOL!

Scott Heil was on the Decepticons YMCA basketball team junior and senior year. He drove me to the hospital when i broke my ankle.

WOW! This officially means i'm getting old. Two engagements and this weekend i'm going to Jeremy Rober's wedding back in Dennison. And I'm married and have a mortgage... mort=death... so once again i'm dreadfully aware of how short life is. i mean, yesterday i was hanging out with these guys worrying about my final english paper for Mr. J and now i'm concerned with profit margins. i never believed my mom when she said that life goes fast.... but this is crazy! can't complain though! i'm happy as hell with a big condo to organize and a hot wife to strut around with!

and how excited am i about the future? my head just expld85ryh9p43hfn9oagb87e9


The girlfriend said...

nice meeting you...again ;)

Anonymous said...

omg scott heil...married?! so strange.........