Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Man has turned into The Legend.

Dan Lowe was THE man at OU whilest i was there from 2000-2004. I knew him through Rob Metzger (a fellow Sears stock team member). He was very kind, funny, and a tremendous basketball player. I hung out with him a few times, but you wouldn't know that! He made everyone feel like they were welcome, and i think he knew everyone by name that was on campus. You can read more about him in the link up there, they recount his impact on OU better than i can.

He passed away unexpectedly while playing basketball. If he had to choose where to die, i think he would have gone the way he did. what sucks is the timing.

the world did not deserve to lose that much talent so soon.


Justin said...

Everyone who ever went to an OU sporting event had a richer experience because of D-Lo. We will all miss D-Lo.

Hi you guys!

amber said...

aww..thats sad...

umm...well...i'm good with kids and old people. keys not bad with kids but i dont know if itd be his 'mutant power' exactly. hmm...lately hes been really good at making me happy ;) hehe umm...i can memorize a song within the first couple times i've heard it. key would tell you that i'm naturally good at writing & drawing. ha. i guess its hard for me to pick something in particular about him bc i love everything about him. oh man...i'm just going to stop cause this is a long comment haha. i guess you'll have to ask him cause i'm not coming up with a very clear answer haha maybe i'll just email you then my long response of nonsense can continue and a real answer may develop haha
have a great night! :)
key says hi to you & kate ;)