Saturday, April 30, 2005


and it's not like the ones they sell in D.C... this one is real! All day it was horsies, italian sausages, and deep fried everything! i tried a deep fried snickers and man... instant death never tasted so good!

here's sort of what went on all day... this is the "wang-and-balls" view favored by the breeders and not anyone else. eventing is seriously the coolest thing you can do on a horse... seriously. it's not what you're thinking, cause the horse usually spooks with all the yelling and such, but cross country is the closest thing to sex on a horse you can do! it's also just as cool, but more socially acceptable to watch(i was brought up on charges last time i tried to watch people bang'n).

Cross country is sooo cool, i hopped on one of the horses and tried to do it myself.. here's the picture!

it's also been great talking with the sis and cuz... although i learned that Garry drives around OU's campus... so here's your mission! go to his blog and harrass him on his tag board!!!

and call him 'puppet nuts'.

like a cheap shirt at walmart, i'm out.


mai said...

Garry drives around OU campus? What? Walk and live longer!

XAG said...

I am going to call you.................'Goat Head'. BTW I do not drive all over Athens. Just when it is convenient.