Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kate In Kentucky

This weekend is the Rolex, the biggest and horsieful event in the entire universe. Kate (my wife for those who i despise) went down there for the week to cover it for her job (which is manage'n once again for you losers who can't keep up).

This is how i envision her arrival to look like:

Apparently she broke her leg since last i've seen her... i should send flowers.

But this weekend will be completely awesome cause i get to see my sister and where she's been living for the past year! Check out her blog on the side... and if you can't guess which link is hers, you're no longer allowed to read this site. My COUSIN is also coming. So it'll be completely awesome even though it's supposed to rain and be freeze'n out.

Phavorite Phrase at the moment: " a zombie to a brain."
Random Rants: "We prayed at first base and i wondered... did i just get to first base with God?"

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OH! and apparently my wife also did a photo shoot for UK's hockey team... my only thought is, where does she get the time?

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mai said...

Wow, Kate! You really do get around. Love the pics of you arriving in Kentucky and you with the hockey get up. So much extra time when you are supposed to be working!
Luke, you are too much. You need to get cable internet if you are spending that much time on your blog!!