Monday, December 27, 2004

Were you on Holiday?

My respect to anyone who gets that quote (not counting Kate and myself... cause i have more than enough respect for kate and none for myself).

They say you can't go ever go home again. Well this might be true on in the broader sense, as my mom would kick me out on my skinny ass. It's her empty nest and it took her 23 years to get it that way, no way she's going back to that again. Not saying we didn't have a great time, we did, but i think there's a time to leave and sooner is better than later.

Anyways, this rule of 'returning home' is lifted during the holidays. things were great! and we saw everyone and it just reenforced just how important family is. I didn't used to think this, but through the skunky-cute wisdom of my wife, i have really adopted this philosophy.

So i my best gift (cause i'm materialistic! cram it!) is the Gwen Stefani cd. It's amazing! I can't get enough of it!

Speaking of Holidays... here's Twigger's Holiday. It's a crazy film that i would have made if i could have afforded movie equipment and did a lot of XTC in high school. There is questionable dialogue in it, and the moral of "plant a seed of kindness, a friendship will grow" is literally blown apart here and offends my psuedo-non-violence philosophy i try (and fail) to adhere to. It's entertaining though! and the music kicks ass!

so i hope everyone's holiday kicked ass and i hope your life is as good as having a stuffed monkey on your head.

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