Friday, December 10, 2004

One of those weeks

You ever have one of those weeks where things just aren't as they seem? That what this week has been like.

Traffic should have been fine, but any time anyone puts water on the road (even just an drop!) people flip out and crash left and right! On Tuesday there was a 2.5 hour back up on 95! That means 75 miles of dead locked traffic.

Plus people just keep try'n to step to me, but i smack'em back down like we was in a rap battle! So at least i got that going for me. but it's people that are usually nice are acting shitty and the usually shitty people are the nice ones! is it opposite week and i didn't get the memo? must be seasonal depression.

the one really great thing (aside from my wife, whose always great) was that last night we had a sales meeting, and the boss wants us to set goals. which is great! A man with out a goal is directionless, everyone needs something to work for. so i'll start thinking on those goals, but for the short term, i wanna be like this guy.

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