Monday, December 20, 2004

People of the Year

RollingStone's people of the year!:

"Let's be frank. 2004 wasn't America's finest year, what with the war in Iraq and Britney's marital woes. Thankfully, a few stars shone through. There's the action hero turned governor, the producer turned chart topper and a pair of pop-tart party girls. A real news anchor and a fake news anchor. New kids on the block and legends who've been with us for decades but manage to keep us guessing" -from

This is awesome! I think I'll do my own! I mean it's such a good idea i'll have to copy it! I'm important enough to have my own "top people's list" right?

so as i sort through all the fabulous and noteworthy people i know, i'll just leave you with this trooper who would make the list, if i didn't just make up a rule that said-list bars law enforcement officials.

(sssshh.. this is super secret)

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