Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thoughts on the Holiday

I love thanksgiving!

thank god those injuns and the pilgrims got together and pigged out right before the whities decided that the natives where inhabiting the pilgrims land. wait til my family figures out that the blankets i gave them are infected with small pox.

here's somethings that i've learned on this no-so-traditional holiday:
1. a 625sq. foot apartment is alot smaller with 4 people and a dog in it.

2. turkey and yellowtail chardoney go really well together.

3. no matter what traditions are established in your family, they go out the window the moment someone gets married and moves away. and it works out just fine! esp. when you're in a huge city and there's a TON to do.

4. dogs are KICK ASS!

5. there is no five.

6. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a classic! It does not rate as high as Christmas or the all hallowed "CHARLIE BROWN HALLOWEEN" which is the greatest of the great.

Anywho.. so today the family and i are going down town to check out the National Museum of the Native American. Should be a good time.

Much love to those out there in turkey-land! peace oot!

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