Saturday, November 27, 2004

Museum of the Native American

is freaking awesome! if and when you're in d.c. get tickets and check it out. there's art, interactivity, and facts on different tribes.

some crazy facts:

-9 out of 10 natives died just by the diseases brought over from europe.

-beads were extremely important in all tribes. if there was one unifying factor in any of the tribes it was beads. there was one outfit that had over 200 million beads.

-white people totally suck.

-dispite the fact that the natives were nakkid heathens, they invented time travel 200 years before Back to the Future.

-the flu, small pox, chicken pox, measels, and disentary were imported to the new world, but Europe got syphillis and herpies.

Here's my tribe, the Cherokee!

Kate's father's hometown's namesake; Menominee

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