Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Another Blog!

My other one depresses me too much. This will be dedicated to entertainment and the daily goings on in my life. If anyone cares.

That's the strange thing about blogs, they are are so popular because they tap directly into our egos. LOOK AT ME! THIS IS WHAT I THINK! Even if two people read it, it is still a success. I mean it's great to read what friends and family think, but as for strangers, who cares? So I hearby declare that all blog run by people I don't know are to be deleted.

I'm going to go massage my swelling ego in the corner.

1 comment:

XAG said...

I have found some strangers blogs to be rather entertaining. And as for massaging your swelling ego in the corner, that sounds very naughty. Better finish up before your mom and sis arrive.