Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sabio's Charts

My blogging buddy Sabio made some pretty fancy charts. Here is my chart based on his "Christian: Declare Thyself!" 

My Denomination: United Church of Christ

God’s Nature: The Ground of Being/The sum total of Existence and more

Christology: I am taking a Christology class this semester, hope it solidifies, right now I swing between high and low.

Theology of Scripture: Inspired

Soteriology 1: Universalist

Soteriology 2: Monism

Atonement Theology: Each one provides a unique view; that being said I can't get behind the substitutionary atonement theory. Rene Girard is helpful here with his Mimetic theory.

Literal Bodily Resurrection: I interpret metaphorically, but leave room for literal. Like Christology, I still swing but not as much.

Cosmology:  Evolutionist

View on State of Israel:  Israel-Neutral

Missionology: You were saved, and thus called into service

Eschatology: No Millenialist

View on Science: Science = AWESOME

Women can be priest or minister: Yes

Homosexuality can be valid life style: Yes

LHe also made this chart for atheists under his post: Atheist: Declare Thyself!

Level of Certainty: Strong Theist

Openness: Open, but cautious

Degree of Outreach:  Evangelical

Present Religious Participation: Often

Stance toward Categorically Rejecting Religion: Sympathetic

Degree of Enchantment  Enchanted

Mystical Perceptions: Partially Mystical

Theory of Religion: inherent in human genetic and neurological paths, excellent for building up community and self and locating both community and self in history and connecting to it.

Non-theistic Leanings: there is an awful lot of chaos in the world. not sure how providential my thinking is.

Secular Superstitious or Irrational Habits: can't think of any.

View of Reason: Reason is helpful but humans aren't rational creatures, just rational in hindsight.

Faith Items: Theist!

Past Belief History: Christian: from literal to progressive in a few denominations.

Past Orthopraxy History: I am a fan of the Lectio Divina, the Book of Hours, Labrythn walking, keeping the Sabbath: life long.

Past Sect History: Roman Catholic -> United Methodist -> "Christian Buddhist" -> United Church of Christ.

And he also has one for Philosophy with Philosopher: Declare Thyself!... now if he just adds one for Politics, we'll be set!

School of Philosophy:Continental
Ontology: unsure
Science: has limits
Theory of Time:B-Theory
Mental Content:unsure
Abstract Objects:unsure
Personal Identity:Psychological View
Free Will:Compatibilism
Normative Ethics:Deontology 

Feel free to fill out your own! Check Sabio's site for links to the definitions and categories.


Anglican Gurl said...

Wow! This is quite a list. I love filling these things out and I can never resist an email forward like this. Here are my responses:

My Denomination: Anglican

God’s Nature: Merciful, Perfect, Creator of us all, Loving

Christology: High

Theology of Scripture: Infallible

Soteriology 1: Pluralist

Soteriology 2: Arminian

Atonement Theology: Nonviolent

Literal Bodily Resurrection: Yes

Cosmology: Intelligent Design

View on State of Israel: pro-Israel

Missionology: I will have to copy Luke's response of: You were saved, and thus called into service

Eschatology: Millenialist

View on Science: Science friendly

Women can be priest or minister: Yes

Homosexuality can be valid life style: Yes

Sabio is really good at these and I like his last post. Even though we don't always agree, in fact I cringe at many of his comments, I am happy he is here. I will send this onto my husband. I want to know Luke, do you believe in the Rapture? You put no-millenialist down, so that makes me wonder.

Sabio Lantz said...

Nice job Luke. I will have to take time later and jot down more thoughts. But in the meantime:

Most versions of Christianity (not yours) supports "believism" -- the notion that the doctrines you believe are critical to your salvation. I think this sort of exercise is fantastic between believers of this sort of beleivism mentality. For instance, is here obviously clear now how different Anglican Gurl and your beliefs are though you both call yourselves "Christian". It is strikingly obvious that the declaration of "Christian" tells us far less about you both than she may think. [correct me if I am wrong AG]. For instance Luke and I share much more in common than Anglican Gurl and Luke. CS Lewis wrote about this in an chapter called Good Buddhist, Bad Christian (I think).

I know you realize this, Luke. The value is for those who view me as damned and yet view you as saved. Or for those Christians who view you in the righteous crowd and me in the deluded fool crowd.

Sabio Lantz said...

@ Anglican Gurl

Curious why you asked Luke his view about the supposed "rapture". Was it because (I will attempt a few guesses) you think a correct view:

(a) has practical implications in one's life

(b) matters at all to one's salvation

(c) improves one's relationship to god

(d) helps one from falling into all other types of heresies

(e) is just fun exploration of literary exegesis

(f) helps fine tune one's intellect


Anglican Boy said...

Hey Everyone,

I took a long hard look at Sabio's post and found it really really cool. Thanks for posting it. Here are my responses that I must fill out or face the wrath of my wife.

My Denomination: Anglican

God’s Nature: Merciful, Perfect, Creator of us all, Loving, Omnipresent, Personal

Christology: High

Theology of Scripture: Infallible

Soteriology 1: Inclusivist

Soteriology 2: Calvinist

Atonement Theology: Satisfaction Theory

Literal Bodily Resurrection: Yes

Cosmology: Intelligent Design

View on State of Israel: pro-Israel

Missionology: Salvation First

Eschatology: Millenialist

View on Science: Science leery

Women can be priest or minister: Yes

Homosexuality can be valid life style: unsure, before I would have said no, but Luke has given me some new considerations.

Luke said...

@AG: No Rapture. just think for a second:

1. Jesus born in a manger and died on a cross. (First coming).

2. Came back 3 days... this is known as Easter (2nd coming).

Are we waiting on a third coming or is someone really bad at math?


Orthopraxy for me is the key to being a christian, not orthodoxy.. namely because orthodoxy is a myth.. there never was just one big church that split but a variety of movements that still exist today. i think Jesus thought the same way just looking at how he defined family.. namely those who do the will of God.. and the will of God is service to the poor, comforting the orphan and widow, feeding the hungry, and standing with the oppressed. loving God and neighbor, you know.. and loving your neighbor you in turn love God whether you believe in God or not...

Sabio Lantz said...

Yes, we agree that your stance is completely compatible with mine. But we both know that unfortunatly orthodoxy plays a huge role in the vast majority of Christianity for centuries. We are glad for your counter-influence in that world.

Anglican Gurl said...

Sabio and Luke: I ask because of your first guess that "it has practical implications in one's life." I wonder what Luke makes of Matt 24 and all the "coming of the Kingdom" stuff in the Gospels and Revelations. Jesus said the Kingdom is coming and that the Rapture would be part of it (Matt 24:41). Does not seem very Christian to not believe Jesus is coming back although you do have a point with the "math thing." I never thought of it that way.

Luke said...

actually, to get the rapture you'd have to slam together a lot of apocalyptic liturature to get that result, and the books would include Daniel, Enoch, REVELATION (no "s" one of my pet peeves), Paul, and bits and pieces of the Gospel. notice how in the noncanonical books like Thomas, Judas, Gospel of Truth, and evangelical James all lack the virgin birth and any of the "third" coming references.

i wait for the kingdom but note how we can't just sit around and wait on it. Take Luke 17:20 where the kingdom is within you. yet we can't rely just on human power alone to get this done, but on God's grace and kiros. that is my hope... i have no evidence for it but it is my belief that things work out in the end.