Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cussing where appropriate

okay.. y'all should know two things about me. i LOVE NPR's RadioLab and i also like to cuss. it's something i'm working on, but i really can't explain things any other way sometimes. i really need to start reading the dictionary or something...

well imagine my surprise when RadioLab cussed! my two loves found each other! this caused a minor uproar, so i decided to send an email:

Dear RadioLab Email Reader,

I LOVED when Jad said "bitches" at the end of one of the segments of "Choice." Jad had to defend himself (was it on the Obama Effect?) and cited "generation" as his defense and he apologized. Although his apology was nice, Robert wasn't buying his reasoning. I will stand up to defend him. I LOVED it! As a 27 year old, I was right there and felt happy that RadioLab was in touch with the culture. It's why I listen to the show.

Here are two proofs to show that "Bitches" is part of my generation, I'll resort to some nasty means: Paris Hilton. She must be a listener or Jad is.. but I don't want to assume.
Proof 1:
http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/64ad536a6d/paris-hilton-responds-to-mccain- ad-from-paris-hilton-adam-ghost-panther-mckay-and-chris-henchy

Proof 2:

Thank you Jad, for reaching out to the neglected twenty-something crowd.

And I must say RL is my all time fave show on TV, radio, and pretty much anything else. I even used y'all in a sermon I gave at my church.
I hope I did y'all justice: http://toothface.blogspot.com/2008/12/god-in-unexpected.html

Peace, bitches!



Thanks, Luke. I'm now imagining Paris Hilton listening to Radio Lab.

Jad appreciates all the support in these difficult times. Thanks for listening.

Emma, Radio Lab

yup.. that confirms it. i'm a RL Nerd. a label i'm happy to own!


Sally said...

How sad that we, once again, have something in common...
Don't drink much...
Never smoked....
Drugs? Naaaahhh...
But boy do I love to cuss...so, God decides "Here's a good joke! Let's make her talk to people who will judge her every word for a living!"
Not F--in funny!

Luke said...

i like the drink, but in moderation. smoke'n and drugs are too scary.

the more we talk, the happier i get! good stuff Sally! ;-)

sorry i forgot to pick up the baby-saucer. i guess i was a tad disappointed when Wadi explained that it wasn't of the flying sort. hope to pick it up ASAP next week.

Tit for Tat said...

Moderate drinking, No drugs, Never smoked? What are you guys, Christian? ;)

Dont worry, we heathens are sure to balance the books.