Tuesday, March 17, 2009


if you're in town, please join us!


Tit for Tat said...

Ok heres a poem for ya.

Born for a reason
I still do not know
Was told I was loved
Which I believe is still so,

But sometimes I feel like footsteps in the snow, I disappear everytime the wind blows

Growing fast oh how the world changes
My eyes see it one way, but it then rearranges
She told me she loved me but then she said no

Sometimes I feel like footsteps in the snow, I disappear everytime the wind blows

Marry I might and have my own
Yet I still dont know the reason with each passing season

The time will soon come, when like footsteps in the snow
I disappear when the wind blows.

Luke said...

oooohhh... good one!

Luke said...

that reminds me of a Snow Patrol Song called "WOW"

Don't be scared of anything at all
Everything we have is all we need
All the spotlights streaming into angry skies
Means there's no one watching as we leave

Say the first thing that
comes into your mind when you see me
If it looks likes it works and it feels like it works
then it works
With the sun on your face
all these worries will soon disappear
Just follow me now

I find careful patterns in the snow
It seems you did come round but changed your mind
If you'd just take ten more steps to me
I won't ever ask you again

Just because I couldn't say doesn't make me a liar
I noticed a change in the tone of your voice
it's so clear
My role in this mess
is not something that I can be proud of
But it's all going to change