Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Real Red Sea

so while i was in Hurghada, Kate was in the Cayman islands.

hard life, i know.

but it kinda was... even though i was in a wonderful location, snorkeling and seeing new fish and viewing fit europeans in tiny swimwear, i still missed my wife and Boogie (our child that's still in utero). every night i feel Boogie kick, as if he/she is trying to say 'hi'. messages from another world. i missed those. plus my roomate Steve snores. but i had no reason to complain as you'll see in the video:

meanwhile, here's what Kate was doing as evidenced by the pictures her parents took.

it was nice to know that Kate just wasn't at home during this week, it really kept me from worrying too much or fighting to get in contact daily with her.

we had devotions that evening, here's what i wrote:

Praise and thanksgiving, oh God!
I have seen God working in antiquity,
in human history,
in human relationships,
in human culture.

I give thanks to the Creator as I now realize that,
I may only see God in the other,
that I must first go into Egypt,
to be called out of it. (Matt 2:13)

Uncomfort creates growth.
Growth creates understanding.
Understanding, peace.

Praise be to God! Amen


Anonymous said...

"Uncomfort creates growth.
Growth creates understanding.
Understanding, peace."

This part spoke to me. Real growth doesn't occur without discomfort. And when you do get growth without discomfort, that kind of growth ends up destroying you. I am thinking of winning the lottery or eating too much pie without also exercising or being continually spoiled by parents or losing weight with a pill. Those kinds of things are getting something for nothing, and getting something for nothing either makes you worse or it destroys you. You are spot on, brother.

Katie Kleinman said...

I agree. So hard to step outside of your comfort-zone, but it is always worth it.