Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'm in love with the ordinary

Each year, i put one of my fav. Death Cab songs up for New Years Eve, my least fav. holiday (even Boxing Day ranks higher IMO)

But i found that this year, i DO feel different.

actually, everything feels different. 2008 brought some massive changes. Kate and I were politically active, but never before at this level nor this loud and sure about our candidate. The First Black President. awesome!

This year we saw our closest friends give birth to a wonderful baby boy. i entered into the parish setting and felt that this is ABSOLUTELY what i'm supposed to do. i've found some great blogging friends and we're the "Canon" which is just been great to have regular comments to challenge and support.

And the biggest change, Kate and I are expecting. i can't wait to meet this kid! at first we thought it was a boy, but now we're thinking Tom-Boy! Given Kate and the women on my side of the family, this also feels right. What we're hoping for is a BABY!!! All we ask for is a healthy baby and a short labor for Mama, the gender is irrelevant.

I'm gearing up for a trip to Egypt and possibly Thailand in the summer. I've traveled before to Germany, but Egypt will be a whole 'nother ball game. Despite most assumptions, this is NOT a mission trip. we’ll be learning about the culture and history. it’s a two week stay where we learn about the Coptic Christians and Islam, largely, but we do have one synagoge visit scheduled.

the seminary is set on getting us out of our western mindset and show how globalization is a double-edged sword and not everyone thinks and acts like Americans or even Christians for that matter! and Christians don't even act like how we would define "Christian" here.

you can't see the water in which you swim until you're out of it. Germany changed my life and i can't wait to see who i am after Egypt (AE?) i’m excited! i mean, when is the next time i can travel abroad with my best friends? I just hope that Jim, Steve, and I are still friends after this ;-)

Back to Boogie, Kate and I always say we should relish this time, as it's the last "us" time we'll have for awhile. last time we can go out without a baby-sitter. last time we can pull up and go to a movie at the drop of a hat. as this song states, "The world we love forever gone".

sorry for the anime video, just focus on the song ;-)

but we can't wait to be parents. after 9 years of being together, Kate and I are finding a whole new level of our relationship. it's been wonderful.

to quote the song again:
It might seem like a dream, but it's real to me.
Don't it feel like sunshine after all.

May your 2009 be blessed! Happy New Year!


Tit for Tat said...

Hey Luke and Kate

Happy New year and blessings in everything you do. Heres hoping we make some time to link up before you become parents.

John and Denise

Anonymous said...

Luke, sounds like you have a lot going on in this New Year - and a lot of it seems like some wonderful experiences - good on you man! I hope that everything in this New Year lets you develop the things you need to - and to love the way you need to.

My word verification is 'borsh' - you areb't Ukranian per chance (lol).

Yael said...

You mentioned about a first baby on the way and about a tradition you intended to follow, so I was thinking about that and want to encourage you to also try a couple others:

Blessing your kids. Jewish tradition is to bless your kids every Friday night. It's just a straight forward, fixed blessing, nothing sappy to make kids uncomforatable. My kids are right there when it's time for their blessing. I doubt my younger son even knows what the words literally mean, but he doesn't care. He knows what the words really mean.

Blessing your kids. When my kids were little they were not going to remember Mother's Day without prompting. I decided rather than let this annoy me or ruin my day I would turn it around and tell them why I was happy to be their mother. I started with my older son and told him all the things I liked about him, his strengths, his character. I didn't feed him any BS, that's not my style, at all. Who needs to anyway? If we know our kids we can easily come up with a long list of things that make them and can help make them really great people. When I was finished with him my younger son told me, "Now it's my turn, Mommy." So, I did the same thing with him only this time about him. This was our tradition for years and we all enjoyed it. As a single mom I needed the reminder of the wonder of my kids and for them, I think it helped them become more comfortable being who they are.

So, for you, Luke, if you hadn't thought about it already, I would encourage you to find ways to openly bless your child. The world around them will prop up their egos with ribbons for everyone and all that junk kids can see right through. But, a parent's honest blessing they store in their hearts forever.

Oh, and have a great trip to Egypt!

Katie Kleinman said...

Sounds like your life is far from ordinary right now! We are excited to hear about your trip (stay safe) and so excited to meet Boogie.

Luke said...

thanks Katie!

i guess it seems ordinary cause i'm looking through my eyes ;-)

i'm leaving tomorrow and i'll be bringing back 8 gigs of pictures, so hope you're ready for an extended "family vacation slide show"

hug your boys B&D for me and, like you, i can't wait to meet Boogie.

it took me a whole hour to write that clever rhyme, hope you enjoyed it.


Chris E said...

'Tis easy to leave, yes please drop your hat.

Just stop by next door, plop the kid in our lap.

There's nary a cry...

nor tear in the eye...

When Edens do bring a Lindon to nap.

Two minutes.