Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feb is Egypt Month!

I will be posting videos and pix on here from my egypt trip. i hope that these will do it justice and provide some insight to an amazing country.

I hope to uncover the mysteries of Eygpt, including (but not limited to):
-How to walk like an Egyptian
-Who are the Copts and why do they matter
-Why you shouldn't mess with women
-Symbols and archtypes in human history
-What I look and soundlike (eek!) in video blog segments
-Why Interfaith dialogue is key to our future
-And maybe a little bit about Dino-Theology



Mac said...

I've always suspected the Egyptians throughout history have walked like anyone else. The whole thing with those Bangles is just a grotesque distortion of their culture. I mean, those little pictures of guys with arms out a right angles like that--that's their alphabet. No one assumes that we would automatically assume postures resembling the letter "A."

Although I guess the YMCA dance could confuse field researchers from another planet who were sent to observe us. .

Luke said...

hey dude! thanks for the comment on the "walk like an egyptian" status update.. wanted to reply on that... the Bangles are a grotesque distortion of their culture but they do walk much differently than we do, esp in cairo.

with 25 million people and their traffic paterns, "walking like an egyptian" largely involves dodge'n traffic and peoples and assorted livestock. it was good times. RAWK!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it Luke!

yael said...

OK. Now get busy! Inquiring minds want to know!