Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pastoral Prayer from June 29th

Given by yours truly (with some help from Carrie Newcomer and Nickel Creek lyrics) at Trinity Reformed UCC Mountville.

Let us bow our heads and quiet our hearts in prayer…
Lord, how can I explain your love to these newly acquainted strangers. I don’t know them that well, and they’re a trusting people to let me up here and all… but what am I to say?

I can’t explain it, I couldn’t if I tried. How the things we carry with us are the things we hold inside. Like a day out in the open, like the love we won’t forget, like the laughter that we started and hasn’t died down yet.

God, aren’t we the ones who cause each other to shine, aren’t we standing in the center of something rare and fine? Some glow like embers or light through color glass, some give it all in one great flame and throw kisses as they pass.

Holy is this place… holy are these faces… Holy are the quiet moments, later, this afternoon… Holy is the busy street of our home, holy is the checkout girl counting change and the hands that shook my hands today. Blessed be the hymns of birds that fly overhead, just like their parents did. Blessed is the dog that runs in her sleep, to catch that wild and elusive thing… And folding sheets like folding hands… to pray as only laundry can.

Holy is the place where we stand, to give whatever small good we can. The hymnal page, the open book, redemption is everywhere we look. Here is your children of Trinity Reformed, slowing our pace in the shade of your unexpected grace.

O God, we’re east of Eden, but help us realize there’s heaven in our midst. Help us know that we’re never really all that far from those we love and miss. Give us the courage to wade out in the water and see the glory all around, as we speak the words that Jesus gave us… Our father

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