Monday, July 28, 2008

Fantasy Football '08

Who's ready, who's in? Who wants to take on the:

Play'n Yahoo league, random draft, and only open to a few select peeps, so comment and leave your email addy and i'll send you the info.


John T. said...
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Anonymous said...
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XAG said...

Hey if you guys are going to leave your email addresses here for the 'Almight Tooth' to send you the info please use some common sense. Use the following format unless you like getting spam from the bots that search blog comments for email addresses.

name [at] service provider [dot] extention

Example: xag [at] extremealphageek [dot] com

This format is easy to understand and will keep the little bots away and protect you.

Your friedly neighborhood Extreme Alpha Geek out

Anonymous said...

xag is right - best to take our e-mail addy's down Luke - keep them to add us to the league - last thing I want is some spam in my e-mail box.

John T. said...


Can you send me that link again, my wife trashed it by accident.

Oh And JB.........Vikings are getting Favre, so look out baby. and even if they dont they are going all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Luke said...

let me know if and when you guys get the invite... i sent them again this AM.

and Vikings?! ugh. GO PACK!

(and the Browns)

Anonymous said...

I got the invite - team name is Ill Commando's (I may change that) - and I am ready some football.

Oh yeah - Pack - wicked drop in the standings coming this year and Vikings - well they may be a team on the rise...I still think Bears all the way!

Ron said...

Ooo..pick me. you know my address: ronracn

I'm getting silence on the other league so I need a fix for fantasy football.