Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Tangent Universe

Lots going on here people! Mom's coming out to visit and that's great! I've been have'n really strange dreams... some of which come true in the day time... is this prescience? visions of the future? i hope not, we all know what happened to donnie darko.

So I've been promoted in the company and i start the new position on monday. for more details give me a call, but needless to say it'll be about as crazy as This Little Black Belt on Transbuddha

I'll get you a better post here in the near future complete with the rule of three and such like. But please enjoy see'n what happens when Myspace Invades Narnia

Good things, good times imaginary reader. Hope to post back soon!


kimmmmm said...

Wahoo ! Congrats on the promotion. Have fun with the mom in town too.

Amber said...

congrats on the promotion!
i dunno if youve heard from key...its been awhile since i have...but hes driving truck now and i guess not living at home anymore but i'm not sure...hope he keeps in touch with you