Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Haunted Commercials

Check this McDonalds Commercial out that i found on X-E. it's BAD ARSE! Did you see that haunted bud light commercial where the headless horseman gets pissed cause he can't drink beer? yeah, i thought it was pretty stupid too, but it was halloweenie! LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN!


Anonymous said...

The zeppelins rain upon us
The guns of love disastrous.


SIS said...

i remember that!!! hahah awesome!

James said...

Luke, only because you chose such profound language to dog the bud light comercial while complementing the mcdonalds commercial am i writing to call you out. You must be gay, b/c that Mcdonalds commercial has nothing of value other than nostalgia, while the Headless horseman commerial was friggin AWESOME!!! What a bad-ass concept to 'humanize' an evil charcter of fiction..