Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have the Key

so this guy is my half-brother, Key Lindon, with his girlfriend (see above pix)... i don't see the resemblance either...

anyway so to make a long story... a long story that happens to be shorter (durrrr!) my father (Blue) runs around and sets up "franchise families" ala Fight Club and then moves on. Key is 18, two years younger than my sister... so i'm elated to know of him and to know that Key is healthy, sane and alive. he sounds a lot like me prior to 1999... i guess i partied like it was 1999 like Prince said and came out a different person. he sounds great! and motivated! and relatively unphased!

which brings me to my real point... how the hell can kids come from such fucked up and poisonous backgrounds and make it in the world. some kids have really good rearing and come out ray guns set to ridiculous! while others have some bumps and bruises and act even worse. i'm thinking it comes down to two things 1. divine intervention and 2. ability to change and adapt.

1. Divine intervention comes in many, many forms... some ppl call it being 'saved' but that sounds too fundamentalist... but it means roughly the same thing. divine or not, the best way to define the intervention is something that causes...

2. The ability to change and adapt. Darwin said this was the key to the survival of the fittest. it's not the most powerful that always win, it's the ones who can change. people (like the mormons, reagan-republicans and other such idiots) like to think in absolutes. total or nothing, good times or bad times, saved or unsaved. not happening.

i think that using both 1 & 2 in a deadly fashion is what the Buddhists call the destruction of the self. it's not that you destroy your personality, it's just that you get over yourself. such sayings like "gee.. i wish i could stop smoking" or "he's such an ass to me but i can't break up with him" or "i've smoked so much pot but i can stop if i wanna" would never come out...

people think you need a great focus to do these things.. one does need focus.. one needs DISCIPLINE. i'm the most unfocused person (if you couldn't tell by my writing style) but i'm pretty disciplined.. if i need to get focused, i can. if i see something i don't like, i can change it first by changing myself and then changing the situation.

get it? prolly not.. but i do, val does and apparently so does key. so i guess it counts for something!

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Amber said...

Hey this is Amber aka Keys girlfriend and Vals friend. ;)
Just wanted to say hello. Key cant wait to meet you :)