Thursday, May 19, 2005


i try to live my life without being addicted to too much... air, Family Guy, and my wife are my few addictions... but i've found my other addiction:

that's right! the greatest sports game ever made! I played it this past new years eve with my cuz... the game kept resetting, so it prevented me from completely owning his sorry ass! but of course i was the LA Raiders (with Bo and Marcus Allen) and he was the ever-fumbling Browns of '91. It would have been the first time i beat Garry, because he's a few years older than i am and consistently whooped my ass in Nintendo games. one of these days, Puppet Nuts.... one of these days!

but seriously.. Tecmo Super Bowl struck the perfect balance between realistic football simulation and high-tempo, engaging gameplay. Tecmo pushed the boundaries of sports video games by allowing for the first time full season play with complete stat-tracking, changing player conditions, and even injuries.

i've been through one season playing the Packers, Raiders, Broncos, and 49ers... these teams were unstoppable leading to the Packers' defeat of the Raiders in the big dance by a 65-yard TD run by Sterling Sharpe to edge out the Raiders.

This season i'm the Browns and the Saints... just to see if i can take two crappy teams and beat the game with them... not doing too bad so far.




Val said...

yay! i remember that game! and how i watched you guys play it ALL THE TIME while i waited not-so-patiently to play zelda. lol. those were the days! thanks for the flash back!

Anonymous said...

that game effin rocks... rocks hard!