Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weezer Plot Comeback : News


"After two years of scattered recording sessions -- and two weeks of Metallica-style group therapy -- Weezer have finally finished their fifth album. 'It took a long-ass time,' drummer Pat Wilson says of Make Believe, which hits stores May 10th.

Blame the delay on Rivers Cuomo's periodic semesters at Harvard -- where the thirty-four-year-old frontman continues to pursue an undergraduate degree -- and on his frequent dissatisfaction with his own songs. 'I think Rivers was pretty emotionally divorced from our last two records,' says Wilson of 2001's Green Album and 2002's Maladroit. 'You can totally hear it. It sounds like we're just kind of stoned out, like a Seventies rock band who tours all the time.'
But with the guidance of Audioslave producer Rick Rubin, Cuomo started writing tunes he liked -- and many of them recaptured the naked honesty of 1996's Pinkerton and the band's 1994 debut, the Blue Album."

I just crapped my pants... twice.

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