Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Tartan Online - Blink-182, Korn: shakeups and breakups

Blink-182, Korn shakeups and breakups:

I enjoyed both these bands... esp. BLINK! Blink is in my top ten bands of all time... here's what the article had to say:

"Blink-182 was the sincerity amidst a slew of clones that tried to copy the band's sound and image. While some bands, such as Simple Plan and New Found Glory, were successful, Blink-182 was the truth amongst the lies. They also carried the torch for Green Day to have a comeback of monumental proportions. When Blink broke through, interest in Green Day was waning horribly. But Blink carried the true pop/punk sound through almost a decade to allow Green Day to validate their career with 'American Idiot.'"

Korn was great on the first and second album, but then didn't evolve. They were off the radar for me for a long time, but blink, with their zany antics and lovable poop jokes left a mark on me not dissimilar to a skidmark on a pair of tighty whities.

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