Monday, November 30, 2009

A Metaphor and then a metaphor put to music.

My buddy Jim recently said

We go little nova every so often. Matter coalesces on the surface of a star, the matter blocks the radiance of the star, the star blows off the dark matter, it shines beautifully, but slowly the dark matter comes back to obscure that beauty -- rinse and repeat. God is the beautiful pure star, Jesus is what blows off the dark matter, the dark matter is our shit we try to place on God and humanity in our selfish desires.

and i thought that was pretty cool. i think i've just gone through one of those moments when all my dark matter has been blown off... not saying i've lost faith in everything... i'm just say'n Mercy Me.


Anonymous said...

I like the quote - we humans tarnish God with our imaging of Him...and this needs to be removed for God to shine more brightly. I think we all do this in some way - as we try to define God...the question is - can we not define God?

Anglican Gurl said...

We're waiting to see what has got you all bothered. We really dig that song. It rocks! But the lyrics have us worried as what your state of mind is at this moment. What's up?!