Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer Update

Hey there fellow bloggers! I know you're waiting for the next installment of Reformation:the sitcom but i'm having some trouble with the 3rd ep. and also wanted to clue you in on what i've been up to this summer.

i just finished up the Leadership NOW academy where i worked as an adult mentor. Leadership NOW creates safe space for young people to explore question of meaning and vocation. Space for struggling, thinking, exploring, learning and seeking deep faith.it is an awesome experience! check out their new website it never fails to inspire me and keep me working to become a pastor.

this week i'm taking a class at the summer academy called "Theology and Film." we cover various theological points raised by some movies.. yesterday we watched Gran Torino and talked about how it's a classically christian movie. i'll post more on this on thursday.

Eve had a great time with her grandparents as they were here to help us out when i was at the academy. i didn't get to spend too much time with them, which stinks, but Eve did and that was awesome! Eve is doing great and growing like a weed! she's so freak'n cool!

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Anglican Gurl said...

Hey! Great to catch up with you, even though you left me with some crappy questions about God. Those were extremely funny!

I LOVE the sitcom! I can't wait until Episode Three is posted but it is the last one right? So maybe I don't want it posted right away.

I have been taking the kids to their various camps and such, so I'll be checking up but not commenting. Keep on posting though and I will keep reading!