Tuesday, August 19, 2008

45th Class Reunion

This past week Kate, the in-laws and I journeyed up to Menominee Michigan for my father-in-law's 45th reunion. It was great to get to know my father-in-law more. Hard to associate him with this remote U.P. town as I've only known him in the context of North Canton Ohio. Really neat town filled with nice people, good, cheap food, and a TON of packer fans. (Take that SVS and John T! PACK PACK PACK!)

My father-in-law is remembered as nice, smart, and funny in his own way. That's a great legacy to leave to your fellow classmates... one i hope to have coming up on my 10 year h.s. reunion.

We visited the town and local area, including Kitch-iti-kipi Springs, my FIL's old family home, and Alice. Alice is 92 and has lived 2 doors down from my FIL's old house. She's been there for a long time, her husband built the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house and did all the work himself. Pretty cool

Talking to her was great. She's 92 and doesn't look a day over 65. She attributes this to the fact that she's Swedish and the Swedes age extremely well and have excellent skin. I'll take her word for it. She said (when she learn i am in seminary), "I have family members who are every type of Christian. We Swedes came in has Lutherans but became Methodists, Presyb., Catholics, J. Witnesses and Mormons! We have all types here and I'm 92 and I don't think it really matters what you believe, just that you believe." Wise Words.

She spoke of her biggest fear. Her fear isn't that we'll run out of oil, or elect the wrong person, or how to pay her bills. Her biggest fear is being forgotten.

So dear reader... will you remember the well-preserved Swedish woman from the U.P.?

I hope so.

Her fear is my fear. Her fear is the fear we all keep but do not speak of.


Remember God.

Remember your neighbor.

They will in turn, remember you.

Who will you remember?


Anonymous said...

Hey, stumbled on your blog here from a friends. I will remember my friend who died in high school. She was really what it means to be a Christian, just a wonderful woman who I wish would be around here today.

John T. said...

I Remember:

Arthur George Tattersall
Jan 6 1929.........Mar 4 1966

Mark Edward Tattersall
Sept 28 1961.......Sept 4 1987

Thanks Luke