Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Objective Walk

i walk my dog at night
and ponder what is right
what facts are facts
and what is objectively true.

i think of my old self
and the old science that said,
"The atom is the smallest matter
and can't be divided."

i remind myself that the
US was to fighr russia
and the world was to end
the date was 8.8.88.

I knew God was God
and He was in heaven
all things from His will
and i was loved.

i think of my self now
and the science that says,
"Atoms aren't the smallest
(we have quarks and quasars)
and we can dissect them too."

The world has yet to end
(though some say 2012)
I see this as each generation
unable to think of a world
without them in it.

I know God is God
and I am loved
and what is objectively true
and constant is change.

I know one day this
dog that i walk will be gone,
my unborn will be born
and may birth some more.

one day i won't be here.

these changes are true without
me having any say
and won't change despite
my objections.

but beyond that is vanity and words
and words are mist posing
as rocks on the distant
and future horizon.

so love abundantly and do no evil,
be a child of God
and remind others,
that they are too.


-Katie said...

Wow, Luke. This is amazing. So true and so right. You say things that we are afraid to realize. Thanks for this.

John T. said...

Hey Luke

I was thinking about you this morning when I heard a great song. Its called "Flawed Design" by Stabilo. Have you ever heard it? If not I suggest you check it out, lyrics and all.

John T.

Sam (Opossum's Creed) said...

This is an especially quotable bit: "I see this as each generation/unable to think of a world/without them in it" ...that'll preach.

Are you familiar with ? It's a site like BibleGateway except it has 2 versions of the NRSV, as well as the Authorized (KJ) Version.

Blair said...

Is that a Luke-original? If so, color me quite impressed! (If not, still color me somewhat thought-provoked.)

Luke said...

hey sam.. thanks for the props. i'll keep that phrase in mind for a future sermon.

Blair.. yup! original! came from a strange talk about what is reality and what we can "objectively know" outside of ourselves... and since i think we can't get outside of ourselves (at least for very long, nor are we aware of it when we are), this was my response.

glad it caused some synapses to collide! ;-D