Monday, January 28, 2008

Art Work

Okay readers! Now that I know I have some i'm going to ask a favor of y'alls. Right over to the right of your screen is a poll that closes next Tuesday.. just out of curiosity, i'd like to know your fav. art work of mine from the class Christianity and the Visual Arts.

The series can be viewed here, although many of you have already viewed it. Just let me know what's the favorite and then on Thursday i'll post the manifesto that goes along with all the works...

Thanks for your input.. and if you don't like any of them or if you want to prove your case of why you like/don't like the works, please please leave a comment! And you can't offend me, this is just out of curiosity on my part.

On a more personal note, this weekend we traveled back to our old stomp'n grounds in the DC area and spent time with the Jaycees, our awesome ex-neighbors, our church family, and our family in Springfield VA. It was so refreshing to catch up with everyone. We are so blessed to have such people in our lives. Our only regret is that we had such a small time to visit with everyone.

Anywho.. thanks for your input and i thank you in advance!


Tom B. said...

I liked the pieces a lot and had a hardtime deciding on a favorite--but I went with self-portrait. My second favorite was probably Child Luke Battles Time, and third place was a tie between "Last Trumpet", the Lenten scene, and "Bridled". It's wonderful that you've gotten back into art in such a deep way.

ma said...

I agree, altho 3rd was bridled.

Ron said...

That dawg made me pick the self-portrait. I like the Child Luke Battles Time as well since I've seen the kid in you. You could almost call that a self-portrait...almost!