Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back

Yeah that's right!! Lotsa good stuff goings on here. I just went in front of the Potomac Association to become "in care" and got it! What this means is that after I graduate in 3 years from seminary, the Association will ordain me if I so choose the route of pastoral care. Right now it seems that that's what I'm heading for.

Some interesting questions posed such as:

"What parts of the Bible are you not familar with?"

Pretty much Old Testament after Deuteronomy. We covered a lot in ol' Catholic religion class but it was just the first 4 texts of the old testament.. with a few prophets thrown in so they can say "jesus is coming, jesus is coming, JESUS IS COMING!" and then BANG! New Testament, he's here. We learned up until Acts and then a little revalations thrown in for some doom and gloom. I'd love to tackle the whole darn book and see what i find now.

"Where do you see yourself? What's your ministry about?"

I see myself as a pastor of a church and I hope to target people ages 20 to mid to late 30s. When i tell some of my friends that i'm going into the ministry they're like "that's nice but you know how i feel about religion" (to call them out, mainly OU Ken and The Famous Mister Edwards). I agree with them whole heartedly. Christianity has been taken over and defined by the crazy fundie right-wingers just as Islam has been branded in much the same way. Religion is HARD. It's about loving people for who they are, not who they're supposed to be. Jesus didn't hang with prositutes and tax collectors to guilt them into a better life. He loved them for where they were, and that love caused them to realize that God loves them just as much as anyone else. That asshole that cuts you off in traffic, the rival team that constantly beats your fav. team (i.e. Yankees, Spurs, and Ravens/Steelers), and even that homeless guy you pass everyday, God loves them just as much as He loves you. That's a hard call to answer. Religion isn't easy, it isn't supposed to be. But great things happen to ppl once they're out of their comfort zone.

"What gifts to you bring to the ministry?"

Well half way through my sermon, I'll break for a commercial sponsered by some corporation. PLUS! I'll integrate their product seemlessly into my ministry. Here's an example of what i'm talking about:

I feel a great need to rally the younger generation. We need to mobilize against this onslaught of political corruption, religious bigotry, and social elitism. America needs a gut check, and I hope to be in a position to work towards a better tomorrow through my ministry and UCC affliation.

I can't wait to get to Lancaster PA (not OHIO, sorry Ali!) and start down this road. AND one of my fav. senior high students will be up there! I'm looking forward to hanging out with MALICE and catching up and also see'n what music she's into. Girl has like 600,000 some odd songs from her iTunes and 5,000+ points on the ever so addicting iLike music challenge (which i'll beat her on).

And now, the coolest heckler joke:

Rule of Three:

MUSIC- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (thanks Kim!)
MOVIE- Firefly Full Collection

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