Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fearless With Some Loathing in Las Vegas

Oh holy crap! We went to Las Vegas the last week of Feb. with Kate and the inlaws and man o man did we have an adventure!

The first time I ever felt like a wide-eyed country kid in the big city was the moment we walked into the Vegas airport... where they have slot machines! In the airport! I didn't know what to expect from Vegas... well, that's not true, you, imaginary reader, know my imagination. I was expecting Elvises to be walking around with nakkid robot showgirls.

Anway, while we were waiting for the In-Laws, we were treated to a nice view of the strip at night where we could see the Luxor and a few others. On the whole, my fav. building at night is the Luxor... it just looks freak'n sweet. like some pagan Alien signal beacon thingie... it's just bad assed.

So Papa Bob, Kate and I ate while mai gambled. This is a re-occuring theme throughout the trip. mai would gamble and the rest of us would get frustrated at lose'n $5 we'd head to see a show or chill out at one of the many bars in a casino. Papa Bob and Kate have no stomach for gamble'n, although Kate is pretty luck at the slot machines. mai on the other hand is tenacious and i believe walked out of vegas with some serious coin by just play'n the slots. i on the other hand am a sore loser. the feeling of winning a few bucks is totally trumped by the awful feeling of lose'n $.05. i'm awfule. maybe if i tried a table game like poker or blackjack... but the slots seemed like a waste to me.

Vegas is over the top. It's like Times Square times a million. So the first day out walking around to Ceasar's Palace and the Venian was all really cool, but once we had time to think about it, it seemed like such extravagance. i mean, that's the point of Vegas, but it seems like they'd have a little more love for the public systems and schools. My friend Katie is out there (from the Armbruster days) and she's working on getting school kids health coverage. Pretty crazy from places where the casinos make $40,000 just out of their fountains! So the second day we headed out to the 8th wonder of the world, the HOOVER DAM!

THEN! We were stranded for 48 hours by snow storms back in DC... so that's two more days off work wondering around Sin City. THAT was the hardest part. We ran and did the super-whirlwind tour and thought we had nothing else to do and then BAM! two extra days. of nothing to do. we should all be so lucky! it wasn't actually too bad, but we were just ready to leave, and one can only wear the same pair of undies for so long.

so here's some pix of me and my smoke'n hot wife!

Our Pix: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AatWTZszctGwz

In Laws Pix: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AbOW7dk5ZNFF4A

The worst part is that even with the 48 extra hours we couldn't see the Treasure Island Siren Spectacular because of high winds... that's 5 days in a row with no sexy pirate girls... so here's the video:

We did see the volcano at the mirage and the belagio water show and the ceasar's palace animatronic dudes... all and all, i'd do it again!



Angela said...

When Mikey and I went out there with his mom and brother, we rented jet skis at Lake Meade. It was awesome - we jetted up to the rope barrier and saw the dam from the water. So much fun.

Anonymous said...

right up to the rope barrier?! you're lucky you all weren't drive'n a submarine.. you could have been killed or even worse!