Monday, February 12, 2007

Excellent time to be a Dorky Democrat!

I try, i really do try to see both sides. I've always said that if McCain ran for office, i'd vote for him. However there seems to be a discrepancy between the man McCain and the candidate McCain. Here's an example of what i mean:

Holy Monkey Turds! A candidate that talks out of both sides of his mouth?! Who'd heard of that? Not in these parts! So that's nothing new, but what really caught my attention was this Washington Post article Kate found. The issue of campaign finance is what drew me to John. Johnny and i would spend long nights over a glass of Pinot Noir and gaze into each others eyes and talk about ending soft money and limiting spending to a socially responsible level. But now i see he's been cheating on me. That night in Morrocco meant nothing to me JOHN! We're over! You hear me! And stop calling me for booty calls between tuesday and thursday! We both know you're just jet setting back to your wife for the "congressional weekend". ass.

In other news, a favorite book of mine is coming to comics!

While a favorite comic is going to HBO!The Preacher is coming to HBO! Okay, God goes away on vacation and the battle between Heaven and Hell rages might be a weak plot... but when you're sixteen and all hormones... man did that sound cool!

And finally to prove that i'm a massive dork, here's a funny little spoof on some game'n platforms that i don't agree with... but it's funny!

Wii Vs. PS3 Commercial

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