Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our Hearts Get Bigger, But Our Bodies Get Torn Up

Me, Gma and ValMy family has a big part missing from it right now. My Grandma Bet passed away May 30. I have wanted to do a small tribute on here for awhile and maybe put down some thoughts... but how can you talk about someone whose been like the very air you breathe? Gma has been part of every major event in my life... it's hard to even think about it cause the loss is so staggering. but this is how it is with life...

my biggest lesson from Gma is a positive outlook. Gma had a saying that summed up her life, and that was "sometimes i have bad days, but that's okay, i used to have bad years." Gma had a great life, don't get me wrong, but the last few years had a couple of huge changes. She divorced her husband of 42 years... THAT was a huge change... and she never regreted it. in fact she became more alive and spunkier than ever in her personality... even when her body was failing her.

so when customers get crappy, or i discover a fairweather friend, or i'm a little too on edge, i just think to Gma's example. The world could be falling down around you, but the sun is always shine'n somewhere.

now i've left out a whole lot of details here... and skimmed over a lot of point and counter points, but that's what happens when you're talking about 81 years. A lifetime.

My Grandma Bet's lifetime.

And i'm happy to be a part of it... and pass her on to my kids, just as we will pass on all those that have come before us. We are not original beings... we are copies of the greatest traits of those who've raised us.

Thanks Gma... you've taught me more than you'll ever know.


Anonymous said...

You better believe she knows! I think she had it all planned out. We are all better for it. ma

SIS said...

u said it all.
heard a wise suggestion to cope to day: find traits of your loved one in other people. like Grammie's positive outlook... or her love and pride for her family ... or her uncanny ability to remember everyone's name.... you'll find a piece of her more places than you think. and you get to watch how the things she did touched us, through other people. watch how their loved ones react. welcome that person into your life. there is a void that needs filled and those people are brought to you to help you through a difficult time.
and pray... just like Grammie taught us.
love you
great post

Luke said...

hell yeah sis! that's an awesome way to sort out your feelings and also bring you closer to (or distance yourself from) other people. if one trait sticks out and you like/hate it.. you know what you should work on or be wary of.

keep on it!