Thursday, April 27, 2006

~E~ 06

Ah yes, it was that time again... Time to head out to where the deer and the antelope play... Time to russle up some grub and corral some cattle... Here's the pix to prove we were at the Flying E in 2006.

This year there were two cookouts.. the second one had a cowpoke that knew every cowboy song there is (tumble'n tumbleweeds to red river valley to folsom prison blues!) he also recited this poem called Reincarnation, that i thought was this side of awesome.

It was great to spend time with the in-laws and kids... you gotta see that Eleanor.. she's sooooo cute! And Clare can play checkers and chess... she's a MASTERMIND!

We also walked around downtown Tempe, AZ, home of Arizona State University and Sparky the sun devil who is the best mascot ever... esp. since the school is deep in mormon country. Tempe is also home to one of my alltime favorite bands... THE REFRESHMENTS!

This band only had two cds before they split up, but there is not one bad song betwixt the two of 'em. Two masterpieces... but the second one wasn't as well received, so the record company pulled the plug. The lead singer Roger Clyne has started up another folksier band called The Peacemakers which I will check out and get back to you.

Knowing you, dear imaginary reader, you'll want to know which record you should immediately run out and buy... and dear sir/madam/Liz Hurley, I say you should buy the poppy first cd Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy...

this came out when i was in 8th grade and it blew my mind.. i had just come over to the dark side of rock and was listen'n to weezer and the pumpkins... although my sister and ma didn't see the light and were listen'n to country (but GOOD country, albeit i didn't know it at the time).. this band seemed to be a good compromise and they didn't mind listen'n.. and listen they did.. this cd was on repeat all summer '97.

so the ranch is good... cowboys are good.. and sing'n cowboys KICK ASS! i shoulda been a cowboy.... oh toby keith... what a great song from a huge douchebag.

til next time...

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Justin said...

I too enjoy some Refreshments.