Friday, January 20, 2006

Of Plays and Postal Services

hey there Aught-Sixers,

there is life after fantasy football... my team, after being 12 out of 12 all year, made a heroic break at the end and ended up dead center at 6 of 12. pretty sweet start to my first time playing. not as good as 1st of course, my co-worker has that and constantly reminds me of it. i'm thinking about not inviting him to the league next year...

so what's up you say? TONS! last weekend was our anniversary celebration weekend. Kate and I developed a plan where one gets the joy of planning the anniversary each year and I started this year off. We had an executive suite downtown at the historic Watergate Hotel. It was great and the room was huge and we even got awakened by Republican storm troopers looking for Democratic documents at no extra charge!

We also went and saw "Shear Madness" at the Kennedy Center after eating at La Chaumerie in Georgetown. It was a RIOT and i can see why it's the longest running off broadway play. It is a loose script, meaning the actors do a lot of improv throughout the play. The actors kept cracking up at their own jokes... some at the audience's expense. one actress said to the lady in the row in front of us "yeah.. i got these cheap shears from KMart... the same place where you got that sweater." And the audience gets to pick the ending of the play. very cool

So that was the big deal this past weekend, other than that it's been work, work, and some work on the side. but here's something i haven't done in a while:

Rule of Three

Music: The Postal Service and no it's not just where my mom works...

It's pretty amazing... this band could almost be called "Nintendo Power" due to the fact that it sounds like the lead singer goes down pipes and collects coins throughout his songs. but check out these lyrics.. they're crazy!

Sleeping In

Again last night I had that strange dream
Where everything was exactly how it seemed
Where concerns about the world getting warmer
The people thought they were just being rewarded
For treating others as they'd like to be treated
For obeying stop signs and curing diseases
For mailing letters with the address of the sender
Now we can swim any day in November

awesome. haven't felt like this about a cd since Smashing Pumpkins Melon Collie and Infinite Sadness


Kate got me this for my birthday. Wives rock!

Movie/Play: Shear Madness

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